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Carpet vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Carpet vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

For years, the carpet vs. vinyl flooring discussion was somewhat mixed. Carpet was considered to be the go-to flooring solution for homes before luxury vinyl flooring stepped on the scene. And today, luxury vinyl flooring is outpacing the need for carpet. Particularly, when it comes to homes and various types of commercial spaces.

Albeit each flooring offers its own set of benefits, the comparison between carpet vs. vinyl flooring is closer than you might think. In fact, both are available in different formats. For vinyl there’s resilient sheet, tile and plank. And for carpet, there’s carpet tiles and broadloom.

Both are capable of helping you achieve your desired aesthetic when applied to almost any interior environment. And both have design versatility. But there are certain aspects that set apart carpet vs. vinyl flooring.

Continue reading to learn more about which flooring solution might be best for your next home design project.

Comparable Characteristics of Carpet vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring

To best illustrate the comparable characteristics of these two flooring options, we’ll break them down into three quantifiable qualities. Durability & Stability, Look & Style, and Sound.

1. Durability & Stability

When it comes to weighing the difference in durability and stability of carpet and vinyl, the key point is the flooring’s cleanability factors. With carpet, dirt and dust can be vacuumed up, but some stains can easily set in.

In contrast, luxury vinyl far surpasses the cleanability of carpet in regards to spills. Unlike carpet, luxury vinyl is a non-porous material which keeps moisture, harmful substances or bacteria from penetrating through.

Additionally, luxury vinyl has a polyurethane topcoat has a wear layer. As such, the layer provides vinyl flooring with a natural resistance to scratching, moisture and staining. As a result, its overall ease of maintenance from disinfecting to spills is unsurpassed. Moreover, it has superiority over versatility as it can hold up to foot traffic, whereas carpet matts and crushes. Overall, luxury vinyl offers a peace of mind in the way of durability and stability.

2. Look & Style

Carpet has a great amount of design versatility when it comes to look and style. However, the same can be said for luxury vinyl flooring. Given these points, both flooring solutions are capable of helping you achieve your desired design aesthetic.

Because of tufting and dying technology, carpet offers options like more color choices, but less patterns to choose from. Or more pattern options, but less color choices. On the other hand, luxury vinyl offers design versatility without having to sacrifice color or pattern. And due to the 3D printing technology, luxury vinyl can easily replicate the natural look of stone or wood.

3. Sound

Obviously, noise has to be considered when weighing carpet vs. vinyl flooring. Carpet is ideal for noise reduction, but vinyl flooring has similar sound reduction abilities when the right construction is selected. Or when an underlayment is applied to the subfloor. Consequently, selecting the appropriate option with vinyl helps reduce sound transmission between floors and feet contact.

Which Flooring is Best For Your Home?

There are many other types of flooring besides the two discussed in this article. To decide which flooring is best for your home depends on many factors. For example, the area you live in, how much traffic your floors get, your design current aesthetics, and more. Book an appointment today for a personalized estimate and walkthrough.

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